Meet the Faculty

RIRC brings together scientists and clinicians from different Departments of the University of California Irvine whose research is either directed toward or related to neural injury, repair, regeneration, recovery of function, and clinical treatment for both acute and chronic SCI.

Meet the Senior Research Staff

Our team of incredibly skilled technicians support RIRC through their individual areas of expertise.

Kelly Matsudaira Yee - Sr Research Staff

Kelly Matsudaira Yee

Lab Research Supervisor

Lab Manager, expert in neurohistology, molecular biology, immunocytochemistry, and microscopy including light sheet microscopy.

Jamie M. Dan - Sr Research Staff

Jamie M. Dan

Staff Research Associate

Master neurohistologist, immunocytochemistry, morphometry, and tissue preparation for electron microscopy.

Ardi Gunawan - Sr Research Staff

Ardi Gunawan

Staff Research Associate

Expert in rodent spinal cord surgery, care and treatment of spinal cord injured rodents, brain and spinal cord dissection.

Meet the Staff

Our staff provide vital care and support to the RIRC and its researchers.

Krista Barajas

Krista Barajas

Chief Administrative Officer and Public Liaison