CIRM Funding renewed through passage of Proposition 14


Great news for California! Proposition 14, which provides $5.5 billion for regenerative medicine research, was approved by the voters! This funding will allow the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) to continue operating for another decade or more. Of note, $1.5 billion, which is half of the total amount provided in the original Proposition 71, will be dedicated to research on diseases and disorders of the nervous system. In addition to the research on stem cells, which was the focus of Proposition 71, Proposition 14 includes approaches involving genetic modifications and other technologies under the umbrella of "regenerative medicine". It's expected that calls for grant proposals will be issued as early as January.

And yes, our research using viral vectors to deliver gene-modifying cargoes is the type of research that falls under the regenerative medicine umbrella.

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