Thanksgiving without the Turkey Trot


COVID Masked Turkey

We woke up on Thanksgiving morning with the feeling that we had over-slept. Looked around, and then said "Oh..." On so many prior Thanksgivings, we were up, dressed warmly, and heading to Yorba Linda before 6:00AM to meet up with the wonderful Plymouth Rock and Run team to join thousands of runners, many in costume, waiting for the start of the races. Last year was incredible, with everyone trying to stay dry because of the rain. There were lots of large garbage bags re-purposed as rain gear! Thanksgiving morning 2020 felt incomplete for sure--quiet but not the usual fun. And we haven't seen Fran Lopes in person since spring! I hope all of you out there who are able actually did something Thanksgiving morning before celebrating with Thanksgiving dinner. Hopefully, by Thanksgiving 2021, the pandemic will have resolved and the wonderful Plymouth Rock & Run Turkey Trot will again be possible.

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