Zoomentia (I've become a Zoombie)


Zoom Zombie

Many people think that because we’re working remotely and not in the lab or office as usual, we must have more free time. Nothing could be further from the truth! I am on Zoom for hours almost every day. There are some positives; I don't have to wear anything dressy below the waist; I don’t have to fly to Washington DC 3-4 times each year; and we can put meetings together involving participants in the next room or anywhere in the world. One thing we’ve been doing is inviting scientists from other institutions to our lab meetings, which has been a lot of fun for all.

The downside is Zoom fatigue, which is a real thing. I can attend in-person meetings and conferences for 8-10 hours non-stop but a few hours on Zoom, and I'm a Zombie (or Zoombie). I've started calling the state of mind "Zoomentia" (Zoom-induced dementia), because I definitely feel demented at the end of these calls.

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