RIRC trainees accepted to graduate and medical school


The technical staff at RIRC is anchored by incredibly skilled people like Kelly Matsudaira, Jamie Mizufuka (now Jamie Dam) and Ardi Gunawan, but also includes people who have recently graduated from college and are taking a gap year to get additional research experience before applying to graduate or medical school. Working with us, they expand their technical skills but also play a major role in our research productivity.

Kiara Quinn
Kiara Quinn
Anuradha Gore

In August 2020, Kiara Quinn, who had been responsible for testing spinal cord injured mice and rats over the year since graduating from UCLA, started in the PhD program in Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. This this is one of the top programs in the country. Anuradha Gore, who had been working with Kelly on neurohistology over the year, started in medical school at the University of Iowa, also a top medical school in the country. Hearty congratulations to Kiara and Anuradha, and thank you for your dedicated work at RIRC!

We’re delighted to have recruited two new technician trainees to pick up where Kiara and Anuradha left off. Daisy Gallardo has joined our staff and will work on neurohistology with Kelly Matsudaira. Daisy is applying to graduate scho ool to pursue a PhD in Neuroscience and we are hoping that she will be accepted into the PhD program at UCI. Kevin Sanchez has joined us to help with the live animal studies under the supervision of Mariajose Metcalfe. Kevin plans to apply to PhD programs next year. Welcome Daisy and Kevin!

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